September 29, 2014 Last Updated 7:14 am

Bonnier releases iOS 8 update for its U.S. replica editions; FIPP’s Magazine World updated

Some publishers who have already issued iOS 8 related updates find they now need to issue new bug fix updates

Ten days following the release of the latest mobile OS from Apple, magazine publishers continue to release updates to their Newsstand apps to make them iOS 8 compliant. Bonnier’s U.S. properties, which recently moved to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, were updated for iOS 8 compatibility.

Saveur-iPad-updateThe Bonnier titles in question, all replica editions, include the titles that were once from World Publications based in Florida: Scuba Diving, Salt Water Sportsman, Yachting, and others. Also updated was NYC-based Saveur.

Readers who have updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 found that the Newsstand apps from Bonnier were crashing upon opening of issues. The new update appears to fix the issue, but readers have been consistently disappointed in the U.S. Bonnier apps with the exception of the those from the technology group – Popular Science, etc. Unfortunately, those apps are now encountering problems, as well. Popular Photography, for instance, has yet to receive an iOS 8 update and so readers are now complaining of issues with the Newsstand app.

Other magazines receiving their first iOS 8 related updates include the city magazine Citygram. The app updated is the Newsstand version. Recently the digital-only publisher released a stand-alone version – that app, Citygram Austin – was updated two days earlier.

Stonewash has issued the first iOS 8 update for Magazine World, the magazine from the worldwide magazine media association FIPP.

While many publishers are just now releasing their first iOS 8 related updates, others are finding that bugs are requiring them to issue minor bug updates. The B2B publisher Macfadden Communications, for instance, has issued updates for Beverage World and Grocery Headquarters (one assumes one will be released for Pizza Today soon).

Other bug fix updates issued include one for The Wall Street Journal, which issued its iOS 8 update on September 17, but now has issued another to fix bugs.

Following the release of iOS 7, publishers struggled to fix their apps, issuing bug fix update after bug fix update. The launch of iOS 8 promised to be a smoother transition, and many publisher/developers worked with the beta versions of iOS 8 to make sure their apps were ready at the time the new software was released by Apple. It is a bit discouraging to see these bug fix updates as it may mean that once again we will see a long line of updates having to be issued. This has to be as discouraging for publishers as it is for readers who complain in their reviews inside iTunes. Worse yet, many say they are frustrated enough to cancel their subscriptions.

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