September 26, 2014 Last Updated 11:14 am

Publisher of Rolling Stone, Wenner Media, to partner with iSocket to launch automated media sales program

iSocket’s publisher-facing tool, iSocket for Publishers, will allow media sellers to streamline their reserved sales process into a single reserved media deal

The publisher of Rolling Stone, US Weekly and Men’s Journal, Wenner Media, will begin using an automated, guaranteed media buying system, partnering with iSocket.

iSocket’s solution, iSocket for Publishers, allows advertising sales people to streamline their reservation sales process by automating the process into executing a single reserved media deal. On the agency wide, those buying space use iSocket’s buy-side tool, iSocket for Advertisers, to negotiate rates and purchase ad space.

“We see direct order automation as a key component of the reserved media sales business. It complements the programmatic segment of the business, as well as introducing efficiency to the traditional side of the business,” said Michael Persaud, Director of Programmatic Advertising, Wenner Media. “I am constantly surprised at how often sales people scan and fax an insertion order signed in pen back to a client, despite the technological advancement we see in other arenas. Automation can’t come fast enough.”

Programmatic ad buying is expanding rapidly, with eMarketer forecasting that advertisers in the U.S. will spend $3.36 billion on real-time bidding. With so much advertising being bought in an automated fashion, many publishers are seeking more streamline ways advertisers can request proposals, book space, and submit creative.

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