September 24, 2014 Last Updated 8:13 am

The Danish magazine publisher Aller Media to shutter five print titles to concentrate on digital

The Danish magazine publisher Aller Media today announced that it would be closing the print editions of three youth targeted magazines and shift their focus to digital publishing.

SB-featureThe three magazines effected are Det er Street Boys (The Street Boys), Topmodel (Top Model) and Frikvarter (Playtime). The publisher said that the titles were no longer profitable and that the company would focus their attention on “the healthy parts of the core business both in print and digital.”

“We have a strategy that we follow and that will prepare us for the future, but like all other media companies, we are experiencing a tight market, which constantly demands that we adjust our portfolio and ensures that all parts of the business is profitable,” said CEO of Aller Media, Pål Thore Krosby. “Therefore, we are now taking this action, and have decided to close some print products aimed at young people, because of this age group is increasingly opting out of print in favor of digital media.”

The publisher also announced that it would close the free magazine Mor (Mother) and the print edition of Tidens Kvinder (Future Women).