September 24, 2014 Last Updated 11:59 am

CNN updates iPad app, adds live streaming; Circa News updates both iOS and Android apps

The cable news channel CNN has updated its CNN App for iPad today, one week after it updated its iPhone app to take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus’s extra display room and the introduction of iOS 8.

CNN-iPad-signinThe update for CNN’s iPad app does mention iOS 8 at all, but introduces CNNgo, the network’s mobile streaming capability. Like other cable channels, the mobile viewing only is allowed once the user of the app signs into the account of their cable TV provider. CNN does not list the providers, but as the channel is available through all services, one assumes this probably was not necessary.

Inside the app, viewers can tap the “go live” button found on the top-right of the page, which will pull in a dialogue box where one can sign in.

I find the new design rather inelegant, with the story fonts used rather big for an iPad news app. It is possible, though, that the app was really designed with smaller tablets in mind.

The news app Circa has issued a major update that is somewhat iOS 8 related – though both its iPhone and Android apps have been updated.

The update is rather extensive, so rather than run through the details myself, here is what Circa says about their update:

Circa News 3 Highlights:

Wire: The biggest and most ambitious feature of Circa News yet. Circa has doubled down on how people follow stories and made it even easier to stay on top of the updates that you receive. Circa has strung together all of the updates that you’re waiting on into one, single, swipe-able feed. It’s really a slick way to blast through all of your updates. It also combines the update feed with another new feature: Daily Brief.

Daily Brief: A key feature Circa has wanted to launch since the beginning, Daily Brief features the most important stories, curated by Circa’s editors. Circa readers will pick a time they’d like to receive their brief, and rather than deliver them a likely old, stale digest of news, Circa’s brief will always be up-to-date and dynamic. This is just the beginning of what Daily Brief will look like as Circa has big plans for this feature.

Circa-iPhone5-2014Interactive Notifications: When Circa breaks a big story, readers have the option to follow that news with a new button right within the news alert. Something big happens, you hit follow right from the notification, and Circa start sending you the updates as they happen in real time. For a story’s normal updates, Circa now features a “mark as read” button within Notifications, making the experience easy and seamless.

Search: The most-requested feature since Circa launched, Search is for people who want to seek out particular news stories and follow them.

Customizability: The main screen of Circa (Story List), and Wire are now fully customizable – readers can pick which topics they do and don’t want to see. However, with “Top Stories,” Circa ensures that readers never miss out on the most important stuff. Breaking news alerts are also now fully customizable. If you don’t want to see sports-based breaking news alerts you don’t have to!

iOS 8 sharing: Circa has moved away from its custom share model to support the new and exciting sharing options from Apple.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatibility: Earlier this year, Circa gutted its entire codebase and rebuilt it from the ground up, predicting that new phones were on the way with other screen sizes. The new app has an auto-layout that will work well on all screen sizes.

Redesign and Speed: Circa News 3 features a completely new design and is the fastest version to-date, even on 4s models.

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