September 17, 2014 Last Updated 7:37 am, Rogers Publishing meet their deadlines, release important app updates before release of iOS 8

Apple launches new support page to assist Android devices owners who choose to move to the larger iPhone models in migrating their data and media

As predicted last week, released an update to its At Bat app in time to avoid major headaches for iOS device owners. The update should fix an issue that early adopters found while streaming live video on devices that had already been upgraded to iOS 8. The app crashed upon initiating a live video stream – though, interestingly, it did not when viewing highlights.

screen520x924The update was part of a flood of updates released by Apple over the past few days as developers work to make sure their apps are in working order after the release of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. I estimate that updates released prior to the release of the OS are up nearly 50 percent from a year ago, which it is hoped will cut down on the necessity to issue bug fix updates after the release of iOS 8.

Developers and publishers struggled last year fixing their apps after the release of iOS 7. Many developers/publishers were hesitant to blame the issue on Apple, but this year many took more seriously the need to work with beta versions of the new software to make sure their apps were prepared. Call it progress

Among the media app updated today were the magazine apps from Rogers Publishing including updates for Macclean’s Magazine, and the B2B titles Marketing Magazine and Canadian Grocer. In total, Rogers has 19 magazine titles inside the Apple Newsstand and most have been updated this morning.

Not all updates mention iOS 8. For instance, an update today for The Guardian and Observer daily edition simply mentions “minor bug fixes.” (On another subject, what is with the Guardian’s habit of jamming their headlines so high on the page? It looks amateurish to me, something my local high school paper used to do before they learned about design.)

Adobe also issued an update to their Adobe Content Viewer app which lists R32.0.0 Feature Support as the reason for the update. The app is used to preview new digital issues on devices. I expect to see many more preview apps being updated over the course of the next few weeks as digital publishing platforms make adjustments to their systems for iOS 8.

Finally, Microsoft issued updates to their suite of Office apps, though only “bug fixes” were mentioned in the app description.

To date, Apple has not issued updates for its own suite of productivity apps, and may chose not to unless necessary until the release of Mac OS X Yosemite as many of the new features inside iOS 8 involve device interactions with Macs.

Apple-moveApple, of course, hopes that the introduction of larger versions of the iPhone will encourage some Android users to return to the iPhone. Anticipating this, Apple introduced a new support page designed to assist owners of Android devices in migrating their data to their new iPhones.

Apple bragged up their pre-order numbers on Monday, stating that over 4 million orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were received in the first 24 hours.

As impressive as this is, it may not mean owners of large Android devices will be switching. I have no doubt that iPhone sales will hit new records if only because there are more iPhone owners available to upgrade. But many of those who own large Android phones bought lower cost devices, and the iPhone 6 Plus is $100 more expensive than the standard price Apple charged for a new device. Over the course of the next six months it will be interesting to see if Android users do, indeed, migrate, or whether current iPhone owners simply choose larger versions of the iPhone when the time comes for them to get a new phone.

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