September 17, 2014 Last Updated 1:38 pm

Apple begins rolling out its own app updates; NYT updates both iPhone and iPad apps

For TNM, new product events are fun, but they are not nearly as interesting as what happens when things actually launch. You can talk all you want about the Apple Watch and its prospects for success, but until it launches one really doesn’t know much.

Today, is the launch day for iOS 8, and developers have been updating their apps in droves to make sure their apps function properly after iPhone users update their devices. If you find app updates boring you probably haven’t been reading many of the posts here lately, and this one won’t be of much interest, either.

But these updates can be very interesting as developers begin to incorporate new features that are introduced into the new mobile operating system.

Apple has waited until today to start releasing the majority of its updates. Find My Phone and Remote are among the first to appear inside iTunes today. (In fact, they are so new that the App Store still shows the apps without the updates.)

Find My Phone’s app description states that “This version of Find My Phone app includes support for iOS 8 and Family Sharing,” while Remotes just says the update involves “minor performance improvements” and support for iOS 8.

Update: iTunes Movie Trailers, Find My Friends and AirPort Utility have all been updated this afternoon – their updates appearing after this post went live.

The app descriptions for The New York Times app updates is far more voluminous. The NYT, it appears, has decided to use this update to add a bunch of new features:


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