September 16, 2014 Last Updated 2:07 pm

Czech newspaper editor launches Apple Newsstand app for new independent news magazine

New digital magazine uses the home grown digital publishing platform Triobo to produce a native digital edition easily read on both the iPhone and iPad

If there was one feature I would like added to digital magazines more than any other it would have to be translation. Without it, all those foreign language newspaper and magazines are just clogging up space; with it, a whole new world of publications would be available to readers.

Reporter-iPadToday, fewer new US and UK titles are appearing inside the digital newsstands – partially because so many have already launched. As a result, only 50 percent of the newest titles launched into the News category of the Apple Newsstand are in English.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fantastic that so many new foreign titles are now available. But I don’t read (fill in the blank) so what is the point? If someone cracks the translation issue inside digital magazines….

Meanwhile, one of the more interesting new titles launched is Reportér magazín. The new Apple Newsstand app uses the Triobo digital publishing platform. (Triobo, by the way, is featured in the new edition of our Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms if you would like more information on the platform.)

The news magazine is edited by Robert Čásenský who was the editor of the daily newspaper MF DNES until a change of ownership led him to decide to leave. His new venture, then, is his own new media start-up, an attempt to do the kind of work he probably wanted to do with a commercial newspaper but could not.

The magazine will be funded not only from readers and ad sales, but through its own foundation the publishing team has established.

Honestly, I wish I could tell you much more about both this new digital magazine and the story behind it, but Czech is not a language that Google Translate handles very well (there are many others, as well) and so I would hate to get the details wrong. What is obvious is that this new magazine has launched online and in app form. A printed version is probably being produced, as well, if what I am reading in translation is correct.

So, why bother to write about Reportér magazín? Because it is apparent that the problems of press ownership, dwindling resources, and journalistic freedom are a worldwide. Yet there are new ventures being created throughout the world that are like the sprouting leaves of a plant emerging from under the mud after a landslide. Good work with go on, though it will be tentative, and on a smaller scale.

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