September 15, 2014 Last Updated 12:09 pm

The second edition of TNM’s ‘Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms’ available as pre-order in the Apple iBooks Store

Interactive eBook, containing 68 company entries, and 200+ pages of content, will be available for download beginning on Monday, September 22

Hey, lookee here: a new eBook project has published! It’s the second edition of TNM’s Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms, now available inside the Apple iBooks Store. The price is $3.99, and the download will be available next week – Monday, September 22.

Watch for a full length post on the Guide next week, but for now here is some background on the project:

Guide-Screen2.480x480-75Last spring, Konstantinos Antonopoulos, a visual journalist (who, at the time, was working with Lambrakis Press in Athens) and I spoke of the need for a directory of digital publishing solutions. Actually, the conversation probably goes back to a meeting in 2012, but the point is that we felt there was a need. So when TNM Digital Media LLC was founded last summer, one of the projects penciled in was to create the directory. The project evolved into a digital magazine, Tablet Publishing**, which featured a 135+ page directory of publishing solutions.

Forty-four companies were in that first edition of the directory. Each had completed a short survey form so that we had consistent information on each company. Konstantinos designed the Guide so that each company’s entry had a similar look and feel, and that same look was then used throughout the rest of the digital magazine which included a series of articles on digital magazine publishing topics (we thank Andrew Waber from Chitika, Eric John of the Alliance of Audited Media, Paul Conley who writes the Big Fish in a Small Pond blog, Howard Polskin of Thin Reads and Jeanniey Mullen of YellowBean for contributing articles).

Downloads were, let us say, light. That meant there would be no second issue of Tablet Publishing (the market speaks!).

But almost immediately, companies that I did not have in my database contacted me asking to be included in any update of the Guide, or in a second edition. But creating a second digital magazine issue for the Guide seemed like a bad idea. Better, I thought, was to recreate the Guide as an interactive eBook – easier to design and produce, and any updates would be a snap.

The second edition of the Guide contains 68 company entries and is 204 pages in length (you’re getting your money’s worth). There are other companies out there, but they did not complete survey forms – a minimum requirement to appear in the Guide (they were not charged a fee to appear).

The Guide really should be priced at $9.99 or higher, based on the work involved, but publishing pros are not paid like lawyers, right?

As I said above, there will be a longer post on the Guide next Monday, but for now, just know that I feel the Guide is the most comprehensive directory of digital publishing platforms for magazine publishers available. It contains over 30 videos, countless galleries, and plenty of information, all of it built for reading on an iPad or Mac. Already one company has contacted me about being included in any update created – and those updates will, of course, be free of charge to download.

** The original digital magazine project, Tablet Publishing, is still in the App Store. The price was lowered to $0.99 as the information is out of date, but if you are curious how Konstantinos tackled the job of creating a native B2B digital magazine you can take a look. Konstantinos, by the way, will be speaking at Adobe MAX in October, his session is called ‘Al Jazeera English and Adobe Muse CC.’

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