September 15, 2014 Last Updated 8:35 am

Mag+ built digital editions from B2B publisher MacFadden and UK publisher Apptitude Media updated prior to release of iOS 8

Quite a number of popular apps are proving a bit unstable under iOS 8 and will need to be tweaked in anticipation of the release of iOS 8 by Apple on Wednesday

The Apple Newsstand apps for the B2B publisher MacFadden Communications were updated this weekend in anticipation of the release on Wednesday’s release of iOS by Apple. Macfadden uses the Mag+ platform and was one of the first U.S. trade publishers to invest in native tablet editions.

FLTR-iPhone5-W-lgMacfadden has six apps inside the Apple App Store in total. Grocery Headquarters, Pizza Today and Beverage World are Newsstand apps, while HFN, Pet Business and Recipes of the Year from Pizza Today are stand-alone apps.

Each of the app updates simply say “iOS 8 Compatible” in their app description for the update.

Another publisher that uses the Mag+ platform, Apptitude Media, also updated two of their apps this weekend. Though the app description do not mention iOS 8, they do mention ‘updated user interface, speed improvements, bug fixes.”

The apps updated were for their flagship the British Journal of Photography and FLTR: Smartphone Photography Magazine, which is exclusively for the iPhone. (They also updated Popular Science UK+, available in the UK App Store. Thanks for the heads-up from Tom Royal, Apptitude Media’a CTO, on that one.)

Another publisher that is all set for the release of iOS 8 is Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Late last week the publisher released updates for their two Newsstand apps, Martha Stewart Living Magazine for iPad and Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

The two start off the ‘what’s new’ information in the app description with “iOS 8 optimized.”

The publisher has a few other stand-alone apps that have not been updated in a while, and may not be for the release of iOS 8.

The gold master of iOS 8 was released by Apple following the conclusion of the iPhone 6 event on Tuesday of last week and so far I’ve found that most apps that have not been updated seem to continue to work without too much trouble. But a number of apps that are popular suffer from crash issues.

Last week I mentioned that at Bat was one that appeared to need an update. The app functions fine through most of its functions, but crashes as soon as live streaming is employed. It does not crash when playing video replays, however.

Another app that I’ve experienced issues with is The Weather Channel which also crashes occasionally. The company, incidentally, is apparently up for sale, having brought in JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs to discuss it options. The company is jointly owned by Comcast and the firm Blackstone.

It is important to note that it is possible that neither of these apps actually has issues involving iOS 8 as a range to things could be causing the crashes including issues with the installation of iOS 8 onto my device.

One app that was updated for iOS 8, then experienced crash issues, is the Ken Burns app. The app was updated in front of the premiere of the documentary filmmakers new film The Roosevelts.

The update appeared to introduce a bug that caused a crash – but, as I wrote yesterday, if the app is deleted and reinstalled the app becomes stable.

This morning I notice that the developer has updated the app description to tell users what to do if they experience this issue:

Some users who had unlocked the previous version may encounter a bug where the app crashes after updating through the App Store. If this happens, simply delete the app from your iPad and then re-download from the App Store and install it. Click “restore purchases” and the app should work perfectly.

I found that the redownload was not necessary, simply a reinstall. But it is good advice, nonetheless.

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