September 14, 2014 Last Updated 2:10 pm

Ken Burns iPad app gets update just before premiere of new film, The Roosevelts

But app update introduces a major bug at the worst possible time, with the app crashing upon opening, though reinstalling the app cures the problem

The latest documentary from Ken Burns premieres tonight on PBS. The Roosevelts focuses on the lives and political careers of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt, as well as Eleanor Roosevelt, niece of Theodore Roosevelt, and wife to Franklin Roosevelt.

Burns-iPad-updateThe 14-hour film will be broadcast in 2 hour segments on each the next seven days.

In preparation for the new film, the Ken Burns app for the iPad has received an app. Unfortunately, the app update has introduced a bug that many users are finding crashes the app upon opening.

The introduction of the bug comes a terrible time, of course, as there is nothing much that can be done in time for tonight’s premiere. If the update had been issued earlier it is possible that one of two fixes could have occurred: a rushed update, or a change to the app description.

It turns out that if the user uninstalls the app and then reinstalls it the crashes will stop – something that is fairly common with apps. Many iPad owners may know this little trick, but I’m sure many do not and will suddenly find their app no longer functions and will not know what to do.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the Ken Burns app you can refer to the original TNM post from its launch seven months ago. The post features a snazzy animation showing the app’s timeline, as well as the promotional video.

Also: Adobe has issued an update to InDesign CC, which involves the Adobe DPS Desktop tools. You can download the update through your Creative Cloud updater.

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