Digital publishing company Vook acquires e-singles publisher Byliner

Byliner authors are told the good news that Vook will be increasing their royalty rates to 85% of net revenues

The digital book publishing company Vook said today that it had acquired Byliner, a San Francisco-based company roughly in the same space.

“Acquiring Byliner is our first step towards taking everything we’ve learned from powering large brands’ publishing programs, and using it to directly empower authors to publish faster, market smarter, and keep more creative and financial control of their work,” wrote Josh Brody, Vook Chief Executive Officer today.

Byliner-titlesBoth companies work with other media partners to create new digital book projects. Byliner, for instance, has partnered with Public Radio, Fast Company, The New York Times and others on e-singles.

“As Vook’s first in-house imprint, Byliner will continue to acquire and publish short-fiction and non-fiction by award-winning authors. Byliner authors will soon get access to Vook’s new set of tools and services, expanding distribution and marketing opportunities for their titles,” Brody said.

Vook’s first step in keeping Byliner authors happy is to increase their royalty rate to 85 percent of net revenues. (That would make me happy, I know that.)

What makes Vook the company making the acquisition? Most likely better funding. Vook was found in 2009 by Bradley Inman, known today as an Internet entrepreneur, but remembered by those of us who have been Classified Advertising Managers as a real estate columnist. The company acquired Booklr earlier this year, a company that provides real-time market data to authors and publishers.

Byliner, meanwhile, has had issues growing its business and began looking for a partner during the early summer. “We’ve struggled to reach the level of growth we’d been hoping for the business, and thus we’ve begun conversations with possible partners about the future of Byliner,” the company told its authors. “We’re working to find a good home for our platform and your stories, and we’ll be in touch shortly with specifics about your titles.”

Now they know the rest of the story.

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