September 9, 2014 Last Updated 9:15 am

DiGiorno Pizza looks to recover from major social media mistake

Retail brand posts to domestic violence hashtag by mistake, is forced to issue apologies

The frozen pizza company DiGiorno made a major Twitter mistake last night when they tweeted “You had pizza” on the hashtag #WhyIStayed. That hashtag, apparently unbeknownst to whoever tweeted, is for women who are staying in relationships where there is domestic violence. There is a companion hashtag #WhyILeft for women who have left such relationships.

DiGiorno-tweetThe tweet was posted around 11pm last night and the company realized its terrible mistake almost immediately, deleting the tweet and issuing an apology.

“A million apologies. Did not read what the hashtag was about before posting,” tweeted the company.

The company is an aggressive user of social media, with over 9,700 tweets to its name and over 80,000 followers. It has not tweeted a marketing message again since its apology, probably to keep that tweet at the top of its timeline.

The error occurred on the same day that a video was posted by the website TNZ which showed the football player Ray Rice striking his then girlfriend in an elevator. Rice has been suspended by the NFL for two games, a penalty that drew much criticism from many corners and then drew an apology from the commission of the league Roger S. Goodell, along with the promise of a new league policy concerning domestic violence. But yesterday, with the release of the video, the Baltimore Ravens announced that they would release Rice and many critics are calling on Goodell to resign.

But last night DiGiorno stumbled in a big way. The person responsible for the tweet has issued several apologies over the mistake – and truly appears to be sorry for the error. “I am so sorry. It was a horrible and careless mistake to not check the hashtag before posting,” one tweet said. “I promise you I would never make light of such a serious subject for any reason. It was careless and I’m sorry,” said another.

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