September 8, 2014 Last Updated 3:00 pm

Former staff writer for The Tennessean has a message for Gannett: ‘Fuck yourself’

There is no fury like an upset newspaper reporter scorned. That’s how the old saying goes, isn’t it?

Well, Jeff Pearlman, a former reporter for the Gannett owned newspaper The Tennessean has a message for his former employer:

    Dear Gannett:
    Fuck yourself.
    Love, Jeff

Pearman doesn’t sound like he was ever very happy working for Gannett. He lists nine things he hated about the newspaper chains. Pearlman didn’t like the endless focus groups, the elimination of jumps, the placating of advertiser, etc.

What set off Pearlman, now the author of books, is the latest round of layoffs to hit his old newspaper. They came around the same time USA Today was chopping heads, and probably other papers in the chain, as well. In the case of The Tennessean, the cuts represented 15 percent of the newsroom.

“Gannett folks shrug, say it’s a byproduct of the modern newspaper as a ghost,” wrote Pearlman. “Yet who created that ghost? Who stripped down the products, then stripped them again and again? Who ripped the hearts and souls out of newspapers? Who ended investigative reporting? Who did this to the newspaper business?

Answer: Gannett.”

In my own story on the layoffs I accused other media writers of pulling their punches and simply leaving it to their readers to call out the newspaper company. I said that as far as I was concerned the new Gannett “can go sink in the sea.” I realize now, thanks to Pearlman, that I, too, was being far too polite.

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