September 5, 2014 Last Updated 12:48 pm

Apple launches new look for iTunesConnect

The new look for iTunesConnect, previewed at WWDC in June, has suddenly appeared live today. The introduction of the new design is part a series of changes that will be rolled out, most likely in conjunction with the introduction of iOS 8.

iTunesConnect-newlookThe new design is for both the app developer and paid books accounts (most tech sites are only showing screenshots from the app developer side – TNM has separate accounts for both sides of iTunes so is showing the paid books looks).

There will be more changes to come, as well. Apple promises app bundling, app analytics and the roll out of TestFlight beta testing (Apple bought the service last year).

Apple has a video from WWDC showing the changes developers and eBook publishers can expect. One assumes that you will need a developer account to access – then again, maybe not.

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