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New Le Sauce digital magazine launched into Apple’s Newsstand through 29th Street Publishing

But the rate of new digital magazine launches has slowed during the last quarter, a sign of a waning enthusiasm towards digital editions, or that many publishers who wish to launch a digital edition already have one?

The pace of new digital publishing launches has slowed to a crawl. During the past three months, TNM has tracked that there have been fewer new digital publications launched into the Apple App Store (and the Newsstand) than at any time since the first quarter following the release of the original iPad in April 2010.

LeSauce-iPad-splashNo doubt the biggest reason for the slowdown is the simple fact that a large share of magazines and newspapers in the U.S. already have digital editions. One can speculate on other reasons, mostly negative, but I think it is too early to do so. Any explanation of why less new digital publications are being launched really should have research behind it.

One of the newest titles to appear inside the Apple Newsstand is Le Sauce. Appearing under the banner of 29th Street Publishing, the digital magazine is produced by Yasmin Seneviratne who writes at the website of the same name.

Like all other digital magazines from 29th Street Publishing, it has the look of The Magazine, a single column design that is perfect for the iPhone, but feels under designed on the iPad. Because of the forced look of the digital magazine, there is an enormous amount of tablet display wasted in the digital editions, and are repeated from article to article. Because the app supports landscape many of the photographs look better in that orientation. I guess one would want to read the digital magazine in portrait on an iPhone, and landscape on an iPad.

LeSauce-iPad-errorThose who download the app might want to be prepared for an update soon. I found the app horribly buggy on my “new iPad” (which isn’t so new these days). I continually kept getting the same error message asking me to confirm my purchase even after I had initiated the download process. Luckily, these error messages stopped after I had opened up the latest issue inside (there are actually two issues available, even though the app appeared inside the Newsstand just today). I’m sure a bug fix update will clear this up.

As I have mentioned in the past, as a former print magazine publisher, I prefer both print and digital magazines to have more creative layouts. But many of the new digital-only magazines are designed specifically to eliminate design from the challenge of creating a digital magazine. This helps journalists, bloggers and others in launching their own titles.

Additionally, 29th Street Publishing is supporting digital newsstand beyond just the Apple Newsstand. With the release of Le Sauce, 29th Street Publishing now boasts 22 apps that appear under their name.

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