September 3, 2014 Last Updated 5:01 pm

Amazon releases new Kindle Kids’ Book Creator tool for illustrating Kindle Editions

Free software tool designed to create interactive, animated children’s books to be published through Kindle Direct Publishing for Kindle devices and reading apps today released a new eBook publishing tool called Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. The free download, for both Mac and PC, allows the user to add interactive elements to their otherwise plain text Kindle Editions.

KindleKids-feature“Kindle Kids’ Book Creator supports multiple layouts for children’s books, including facing page spreads,” Amazon said. “Kindle Kids’ Book Creator accepts the most popular graphic file types, so authors are free to create art in their preferred design tools. Authors can even import a book from a multi-page PDF, making it easier to ever to take a book originally created for print and turn it into a Kindle book.”

“Authors want to focus on telling great stories and we want to help them do that. No one should have to be a computer programmer to create a beautiful, illustrated Kindle book for kids,” said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle.

The new tool does not support ePUB, as Amazon stubbornly works cross currents with the rest of the book publishing industry. The publisher/author will also have to publish their resulting book through Kindle Direct Publishing, of course. But since Amazon has apps for the iPad, as well as Android apps, it would be a way to get an animated Kindle Edition onto other devices beyond just Kindles.

Authors will have to play around with the tool to see if it is useful, or like PDFs enhanced with video or animations, it merely is putting lipstick…

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