September 2, 2014 Last Updated 8:13 am

Triton Digital launches new ad platform from audio publishers

Tap is an open platform that provides tools to better forecast available inventory and package it with audience data

Press Release:

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – September 2, 2014 — Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, today announced the new Triton Advertising Platform (Tap). Tap is designed and built specifically to help audio publishers, such as broadcasters and internet radio services, increase monetization with solutions for both live and on-demand streaming.

Tap is an open platform that provides tools to better forecast available inventory and package it with audience data. Through industry-leading ad targeting capabilities, both Tap Live (for traditional broadcasters) and Tap OnDemand (for internet-based audio publishers) increase the effectiveness of digital audio campaigns. Triton customers already using the platform include Cumulus, CBS Radio, Rdio, and RadioIO.

“Migrating to Triton’s new Tap Live platform was simple and has already delivered excellent results,” said Ezra Kucharz, President, CBS Local Digital Media at CBS Radio. “Because Tap Live is built specifically for audio, it is very intuitive to use, and the forecasting functionality has really enabled us to maximize our ad buys and target the exact audience that we want to reach.”

“There are very few players in the digital audio space with the history and experience of Triton,” said Marc Ruxin, COO, Rdio. “So choosing Tap OnDemand was an obvious choice to make as it relates to helping us deliver smarter impressions to our customers.”

“Our new Tap solution takes inventory forecasting and targeted delivery to another level, making it smarter and more accurate,” said Benjamin Masse, SVP & GM of Advertising, Triton Digital. “With Tap, both live streaming and ‘on demand’ publishers can be confident that their marketing partners’ digital audio campaigns are reaching the intended audience, making non-targeted or poorly-targeted impressions a concern of the past.”

Features in Tap include:

Creative Manager

  • Easily manage audio, video and companion banners
  • Support custom banner sizes in addition to a broad range of IAB-standard banner sizes
  • Creative language support for out-of-market or international delivery

Audio Trafficker

  • Deliver spot- or impression-based ad campaigns
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of campaigns easily and efficiently
  • Maintain separation between competing advertisers
  • Enables third-party tracking of audio and companion banner impressions
  • Enforce multi-level frequency capping of advertisers, campaigns, and creative
  • Direct integration with Triton’s a2x, programmatic audio exchange

Forecast & Affidavit Engine

  • Forecast avails according to audience listening patterns
  • Filter inventory availability with audience data, player characteristics & geography
  • Capture impressions served in real-time

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