August 25, 2014 Last Updated 7:55 am

App updates: developers issue last updates before Apple iPhone event; GameInformer gets bug fix

Pandora and Spotify update iOS apps, fixing bugs and upgrading their service following Apple acquisition of Beats Music; The Big Ten Network prepares its app for start of college football season

The Apple iPhone event is two and a half weeks away and one senses Apple fatigue has set in. Apple is rumored to be launching two new models of the iPhone but few tech sites really seem that excited – they are kind of mailing it in this time. The reason is that a larger, or thinner, or lighter iPhone is not really very exciting. If Apple launches a larger iPhone it will only be copying Samsung and others so where is the news? But there are millions of iPhone owners, many of whom will be looking to upgrade their devices from iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and will likely drive record sales.

GamneInformer-iPadMeanwhile, developers know that along with a new iPhone comes a new version if the mobile operating system. Yet many developers are still making adjustments to their apps thanks to iOS 7, without doubt the software that has caused developers the most headaches since Windows 95.

One of the media apps updated this weekend is from Game Informer. Game Informer is the promotional magazine from GameStop and one that often confuses those looking at the latest digital edition numbers. In reality, you need to toss Game Informer out when looking at the numbers.

Game Informer is like an association magazine in that it is not really sold on its own merits, but part of GameStop’s rewards program. Those who sign up get GameInformer as part of the deal and must choose between a print edition and digital. I’m quite sure the publisher is more than pleased when the customer chooses “digital”.

Because of the tie-in, Game Informer can claim over 7 million paid subscribers, and 2,894,248 of them have chosen digital. But the number doesn’t reveal readership – how many of those “subscribers” are actually reading the magazine, are they reading the tablet edition, or an online edition. The publisher’s statement is not helpful, stating that the digital edition is available at You can click there yourself and see if anything comes up, it doesn’t for me.

As for that tablet edition, readers have been complaining of bugs, so today’s update for bug fixes may be very welcome.

With Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music, the other digital music streaming services have been busy upgrading their apps. Both Pandora Radio and Spotify Music have issued updates. Pandora’s update is merely for bug fixes, but Spotify’s update adds the ability to save whole albums directly from the album page, as well as adding Finnish language support.

Believe it or not, the football season is upon us and next weekend the first college games will be played. Because of this The Big Ten Network has updated its BTN2Go app. The update includes a redesign, as well as a BTN Plus subscription option that will allow viewers to watch over 700 non-televised games (I assume we are talking about sports other than football). BTN now is available through all the major cable companies.

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