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WebMD launches their second digital-only magazine app: Medscape Business of Medicine

Native tablet magazine uses the Mag+ platform to produce a tablet-only magazine that was designed with native tablet layouts for both portrait and landscape reading

The medical news and information company WebMD has launched a second digital magazine as a companion to its Medscape website and apps. Called Medscape Business of Medicine, the Apple Newsstand app uses the Mag+ digital publishing platform to create a native digital magazine that can be read in both portrait and landscape.

Medscape-iPad-AugCoverThe new digital magazine looks to be less about launching a new consumer or business magazine than launching a new marketing tool to promote the Medscape website. The two issues inside the app, July and August, are rather short and articles often link back to the Medscape website.

The editor of the new digital magazine is Leslie Kane, MA who is also the director of the website. Before joining WebMD, Kane was editor-in-chief of Medical Economics at Advanstar Life Sciences from 1998 to 2008.

Anyone familiar with the digital editions produced with Mag+ will recognize the platform used immediately. Scrolling text boxes and elongated pages that allow for scrolling by the reader are used effectively. There is also a nice instructions page to assist readers in navigating the digital magazine, and good use of symbols to point out interactive features.

With print magazines, it is required that certain information be displayed early (or late) in the print edition in compliance with postal regulations. Digital-only magazines, such as this new one, often leave out standard features such as information about the publisher or the staff box. It would have been nice have seen some sort of credits inside the digital magazine.

Like the digital magazine for WebMD, the issues are free inside the app and readers can subscribe for free to get the issues automatically. The WebMD tablet magazine is available for both the iPad and Android tablets through Google Play, but at least for now the new app for Medscape is only to be found inside the Apple Newsstand.

It is common for businesses to produce customer magazines, and increasingly many businesses are launching digital versions because of the lower cost to produce and distribute them. Far less common is it to see a media property, digital or print, launch a new digital magazine specifically as a marketing tool to drive traffic, memberships or paid readership. But as long as there is sufficient staff to edit and design such products, there is no reason why the tablet publishing platform can not be used in this way – and the new Medscape Business of Medicine digital magazine will be a good model to imitate.

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