August 20, 2014 Last Updated 12:55 pm

Uber releases API, becomes integrated with OpenTable, other mobile apps

The ride sharing company Uber is nothing if not relentless. While many observers are having serious reservations about the company, and some cities are outright banning the service, Uber has released an API – a certain way to make sure their service expands.

One of the apps that was updated today was for OpenTable, one of the 11 such apps to add Uber services.

“We’ve partnered with Uber to allow you to request a ride when viewing your upcoming reservation (where available). We’ll even tell your driver where to take you so you can just hop in and go!” the OpenTable app description proclaims.

Starbucks, TripAdvisor, Hyatt Hotels, United Airlines and others have or are about to issue updates that mention the addition of Uber. Some apps developers are, no doubt, being a bit low key with the partnership. The last thing one of these new partners would want would be to banned along with Uber. Google, for instance, lists Uber as the last new feature added in its app description update from May 14.

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