August 14, 2014 Last Updated 3:50 pm

Nielsen report on local TV markets reveals interesting research on tablet ownership

Research pegs tablet ownership at 41 percent of U.S. households, with major variations between metropolitan areas

The least report on local television consumption by Nielsen also contains some interesting information on tablet ownership, as well.

The report, called Local Watch (PDF), shows the differences between television viewing habits in major U.S cities. For instance, it will not surprise you that San Francisco leads all US cities in the percentage who own smart TVs (17 percent). Residents of Pittsburgh (8 percent) and Cleveland (9 percent) are lagging behind in this area. Overall, 12 percent of households in the U.S. mown own smart TVs.

nielsen-tabletsTablet ownership, though, is much higher, now at 41 percent, according to Nielsen. The fact that we have not yet reached the 50 percent level shows that there is still room for growth – though that might be on the low end of the market.

Washington DC (56 percent) and San Francisco (53 percent) lead the way in tablet penetration, with tablet ownership overall

If reaching 50 percent in an important level to reach when it comes to tablet publishing (and some could argue what the important levels must be reached) knowing that cities like St. Louis, Miami, Dallas and Houston all are below 40 percent would be important for a city/regional publisher to know and understand.

The report also says that there is not a significant difference when it comes to households identified as Hispanic or African-American, both with ownership levels at 42 percent. In fact, the city by city breakdown pretty much mirrors the market overall.

Nielsen says that smartphone penetration now stands at 72 percent in U.S. households, though this becomes a bit of a complicated matter for publishers as one smartphone in a home means one person can be a mobile reader, while one tablet in a home may mean everyone in that home could have access to a digital edition.

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