August 13, 2014 Last Updated 11:12 am

Hearst UK’s Company magazine will shutter print edition after October issue

Magazine title will maintain online presence, but digital editions – which attracted only a small audience – will go the way of the print edition

The blows to print magazines continues today with the news that Hearst’s UK magazine Company will be shuttered following the appearance of its October issue.

Company-cover-feature“Sad times as we know you loved our matt paper, crazy fonts and creative fashion coming at you from every page,” wrote Victoria White, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. “But the good news is that the website will carry on and keep the spirit of Company alive online.”

The magazine has its own digital editions, Company Magazine UK, but apparently the decision was made not to keep these going as there will be no print edition to build them off of. Also, the digital edition, according to ABC figures, only reached a couple thousand readers.

Like all Hearst magazines, subscribers to the print edition had to pay again to access the digital editions in the publisher’s apps. In some cases this has led to nice gains in digital readership away from print, in others readers shy away from digital to avoid paying twice for the same content. Like most Hearst magazine apps, reader reviews inside iTunes were mixed – many liking the digital editions, but others complaining of the pricing policies (with the usual minority complaining about paying for issues inside a “free” app).

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