August 9, 2014 Last Updated 11:04 am

iWatch, Google Glass, Weather Channel app… what are these people thinking?

There are some just plain silly new tech products being launched out there – some by companies that really should know better. Then there are products that are just plain bad and make you wonder what the hell the company is doing?

WC-iPhone5-W-lgTalk The Weather Channel. It has been releasing app updates on a regular basis changing its design every time a bad user review gets written inside iTunes.

The problem with the app isn’t the design, or the background, or the color scheme (that just must be consistent with what Jony Ive thinks is attractive), it’s the basic function of the app, like telling you the weather.

Every time I check the app to see how warm it will get that day I see the temperature immediately – and right below it is the high and low for that day. But today, like every day, I see something that makes absolutely no sense. Right now it says the temperature outside is 81. The high, the app tells me, will be 77. That will be quite a trick.

GoogleGlass-smThis isn’t some one day glitch, this happens constantly. OK, forecasting the weather is hard, but that is not the point. Why doesn’t their system alert them when the temperature is higher than their prediction and make an adjustment? No, 77 will be the high, period.

But that is an app, and an oft updated one at that. But what about the millions of dollars being spent on wearable technology. Only someone who works at TechCrunch or Engadget would think these new products are worth investing in.

I don’t wear a watch, I don’t wear glasses (except sunglasses), I don’t wear a tie. I do wear shoes. So, iWatch, Google Glass, Xbox Tie Edition (I made that one up) are stupid ideas. Call me a cad, but I think progress should be measured by how little we are forced to wear, not how much.

I wear shoes every day, can’t the tech companies do something with that product? It turns out that Maxwell Smart may have not been a fool, after all.

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