August 6, 2014 Last Updated 8:27 am

Time Warner counters Murdoch salvo with announcement that it is just fine, thank you

Press announcement includes wiggle room for “any future merger or unplanned restructuring”

Time Warner issued an odd press release that said it was reaffirming its 2014 full-year business outlook, a move meant to reassure shareholders that they are not losing out by the company’s rejection of overtures from Rupert Murdoch.

But Time Warner added an equally bizarre paragraph that basically says that their guidance is null and void should something come up (like another offer from Murdoch)

“The outlook above does not include the impact of any future merger or unplanned restructuring and severance charges, the impact from future sales and acquisitions of operating assets or the impact of taxes on the above items that may occur from time to time due to management decisions and changing business circumstances. The Company is currently unable to forecast precisely the timing and/or magnitude of any such events and resulting impacts.”

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