August 6, 2014 Last Updated 10:59 am

Apple press policies continue unchanged; iPhone event date set, let the wild rumors begin

Rumors that Apple was changing press policies and becoming more open prove false as company remains as tight-lipped and unresponsive as ever

One day, when Apple really needs public opinion on their side, the Cupertino tech giant will look around and wonder why everyone seems to hate them. It’s not true, most of the media are really fans of the iPhone and their other products, but this appreciate is in spite of the way they are treated by Apple, not because of it.

This notion was reinforced yesterday when Apple let re-code and the WSJ know that their next iPhone event would be held on September 9. Despite speculation by some over eager tech sites about other dates, this is in line with previous events – last year’s event was on the 10th. The news really wasn’t news and so a press release would have been in order, but Apple had to reinforce its pecking order. But you can be sure that many media outlets were not happy having to link to re/code.

Another rumor, one that has proved untrue, was that Apple may be considering changing its policies towards the press, presenting a more friendly face and becoming more responsive. This was wishful thinking, and if anything the company is becoming more reclusive, rather than more open.

With the issues of inversion (the relocation of a corporation’s headquarters to a low-tax nation) and repatriating profits about to become big issues, Apple will find itself in the middle of a huge debate, but with few friends among a media industry ready to remind the company how it has been treated.

With the date set for the next iPhone event, things will both cool down and heat up. The part that will cool down is app release activity. Few developers will want to release apps over the next few weeks which will have to be updated as soon as iOS 8 is released. A sign of that slowing of activity was seen today when my iTunes app showed zero app updates – a rarity as I have thousands of apps downloaded in order to track such things.

What will heat up is the crazy rumors about new products. Cut the iWatch rumors again.


New larger iPhone?

Most rumors during the past few months have centered on Apple releasing a new iPhone with larger display, and there is no reason not to think this will be the main new product or products announced on September 9. But Apple, which originally announced iPad releases in the early part of the year, moved the iPad’s product cycle to the fall – and practically no one is talking about new iPad models.

One rumor that Macrumors reported was that a new, larger iPad may be released that the company hopes would appeal to “pro” users, whoever they are. The rumor is ironic in light of the reports that Microsoft is losing its shirt trying to sell tablets to “pro” users, reportedly losing $1.7 billion since its debut, according to Computerworld.

With iPad sales slumping, though still ahead of most rivals, and with most users not in need of an immediate upgrade of their tablet, Apple maybe in for another few bad sales cycles. After all, the release of new models last year meant record sales during the holiday shopping season, meaning analysts will have ridiculous sales expectations for Q4 of this year (Apple’s Q1 2015).

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