August 4, 2014 Last Updated 8:06 am

Tablet Publishing returns to the App Store, temporarily; TPM update polling iPhone app

The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe issue updates to their news apps, mostly for bug fixes or minor feature additions

Bowing to several requests for its return, our own Tablet Publishing digital magazine app is back live in the Apple App Store. The app, which we released last November is scheduled to be live through August, but then will again be pulled as much of the data and feature stories found in the digital magazine are outdated.

screen480x480If you have not downloaded the app, which costs $2.99 (2,69 € / £1.99), the reason to do so is to check out the way the designer (Konstantinos Antonopoulos) designed the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms, the interactive directory of digital publishing companies. A completely new and updated version of the directory will be publishing in September, but this was our first attempt to create a directory (or buyers guide, if prefer) in an interactive manner, native to tablets.

The digital magazine was an experiment in native B2B digital publishing and there are many things I would do differently, and there are a number of errors and at least one minor bug in the app. The project was initiated following conversations between Konstantinos and myself concerning the need for a directory of companies that offer digital magazine services, and the belief that this directory should be interactive rather than just text. The 2nd edition takes this concept even further.

polltracker-iPhone5-lgOur app is not the only app making a reappearance: Talking Points Memo, the political website published by Josh Marshall, has issued an update to its PollTracker app. The return of the app is a sure sign that the midterm elections will be upon on soon, and after that the beginning of the 2016 Presidential election cycle.

So far there is no sign of the other polling and political news apps that were launched in 2012. These apps often were incorporated into the main news apps after they did not prove to be very popular. But we may see the NYT and other newspapers try again soon.

On Friday both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post updated their main news apps, mostly for bug fixes. News, the iPhone news app from The Boston Globe, was also updated from bug fixes and to update the weather radar.

Now that we are in August, however, we will probably see far fewer app updates as developers wait for the introduction of iOS 8. Developers hope the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system proves more stable and reliable than the last version, which led to an incredible number of updates.

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