August 4, 2014 Last Updated 12:29 pm

Separate usage reports point to growth of Android devices at the expense of Apple’s iOS platform

The growth of Android among consumers shopping for smartphones and tablets continues, according to new research reports released today.

According to new research from Net Applications Android has, for the first time, surpassed iOS in total usage, now with a market share of 44.62 percent versus 44.19 percent for iOS devices. Windows usage also grew, though it only stands at just under 2.5 percent of all devices.


Meanwhile, Chitika, which measures the usage of devices on its ad network, released a smartphone report today. Apple always dominates its network but over time one can see the growth of Android devices. According to Chitika, Apple stills is number one with 52.3 percent of all smartphone usage in July, down slightly from February. Samsung grew to 26.4 percent and LG grew to 4.8 percent.

But overall the changes were minor, but consistent.

Apple will, of course, release new models of the iPhone this fall, and it is widely expected to introduce new models with larger displays. Whether that will be enough to reverse these trends is difficult to say as regaining market share is incredibly difficult – as both BlackBerry and Nokia will attest.

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