July 28, 2014 Last Updated 10:29 am

Maine-based B2B launches first Apple Newsstand edition for Flavor & The Menu

Digital edition uses the Mag+ platform and is completely native in design and navigation

The B2B foodservice industry magazine Flavor & The Menu has launched its first digital edition into the Apple Newsstand app. The app, called GETFLAVOR, is a completely native tablet edition, built using the Mag+ platform.

Flavor-iPad-TOCFlavor & The Menu, based in Freeport, Maine, reaches just a bit over 25,000 readers, about half classified as chain operators involved in casual and family dining, a portion in the fast-food industry, others in the hotel and resorts industry, plus miscellaneous others. Cathy Nash Holly is the publisher and editor-in chief, and David J. Stafford is listed as president and founder of the 6-time a year publication.

The new Newsstand app, like many other B2B magazines, offers its digital issues free of charge to download. Readers can also subscribe for free to insure new issues are automatically downloaded. There is no qualification mechanism built into the app (again, like most B2B apps in the Apple App Store).

The publisher launched the app at the end of June and today the app features three issues the reader can download. The first issue was designed by one designer while the next two issues inside the app were designed by Lisa Estabrook, a freelance designer. The July-August issue, like the others, was designed to be read in portrait.

Flavor-iPad-PubsPgThis B2B digital edition is completely native: that is, all the ads were reworked slightly to fit the iPad’s display, in addition to the editorial content being redesigned for the tablet environment. The result is a very clean look, with content easily read.

For Estabrook, this is her first app edition work and she was able to incorporate many native tablet features using the Mag+ platform such as longer pages (see in the TOB above), scrollable text boxes (seen in the Publisher’s Page at left).

“We knew we wanted it to be very easy to read and navigate, and very beautiful and clean,” said Estabrook.

“Getting through Mag+ was easy, they have a lot of online tutorials, so I basically self-taught and troubleshooting through the first issue and then it was smooth going for the second one that I did.”

“We think we came up with something that is a good jumping off point to add additional media,” Estabrook said. “We want to have something we can build on.”

On the advertising also being adjusted to fit perfectly on the iPad, Estabrook said that the hope is that advertisers like the effort they put into their ads. The magazine, after all, is ad driven, like most B2B titles – offering qualified readers free subscriptions to the print title… and now a digital edition, as well.

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