July 24, 2014 Last Updated 3:30 pm

Oyster launches option to read its eBooks via the web

The eBook subscription service Oyster has launched a web reader for its customers. The option to read via the web is now in addition to its iOS and Android apps.

Oyster-Mac“In designing this experience, we wanted to move away from the way books are traditionally displayed on the web—contained in a PDF-style viewer,” the company said via its blog. “Instead, the Oyster for web experience is more like to reading a blog post or web article (think the New York Times). The result is a reading experience that feels fast, fluid, and native to the web. Going forward, we’re really excited to push this vision to make book reading on the web even better.”

Oyster will face some new competition with the launch of Kindle Unlimited from Amazon. But Amazon’s new subscription solution does not feature any of the inventory from the major publishers, and self-publishers and small publishers must have their books part of the KDP Select program which forces these eBooks to be exclusive to Amazon – a major disincentive to participate.

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