July 22, 2014 Last Updated 11:36 am

Latest Chitika tablet web usage report shows small gains by Apple competitors

At some point, according to the latest Chitika Insights reports on web usage among tablet owners, Apple’s iPad will no longer record more web usage than other tablet models – but that day is long off, and we’ll probably all be dead anyways.

Chitika-07222104Chitika’s report for July shows Apple still enjoying a 78 percent share of web traffic coming from tablets into Chitika’s ad network. This is down 5.6 points from last year, but hardly significant considering the rise of Android-driven tablets and Microsofts push for its Surface line of tablets.

Chitika’s web traffic report has always shown Apple dominating web traffic by a far higher degree than tablet ownership market share would dictate. The reasons for this is complex, though it no doubt is combination of the ad network itself, the way owners use their tablets (web browsing rather than as an eReader), etc. It would interesting to combine reports that show web usage, app purchases, book reading and other factors into one report that might show a fuller picture of the usage habits of tablet owners.

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