July 21, 2014 Last Updated 2:15 pm

MediaNews Group apps get updates to resolve crash issues

New apps for the Digital First Media newspaper division also features uniquely bad app icons after switch to new vendor

The new apps from MediaNews Group, part of Digital First Media (DFM), have received updates to try and resolve an issue with crashes.


New app icons for MediaNews Group apps are ‘different’

The apps are for papers such as the Los Angeles Daily News, San Jose Mercury News and the Contra Costa Times, among others. DFM, despite its name, outsources its app efforts. Their first apps were built by Spreed, but the company recently switched over to Rumble.

Users of the new apps complained about crashes, but there are many other problems with these apps including app icons that were created for many of the Southern California newspapers. Like other RSS feed driven news apps, the apps sometimes display as the lead story small, local stories at the top until replaced by another, newer story. For editors, this means there is no work to be done – though you might say they have simply been replaced by a bot.

Update: A day later, Journal Register Company, the other half of Digital First Media, has issued app updates to its new Rumble-built apps. The app descriptions list the same reason for the update: fix a bug that was cause the new apps to crash.

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