July 16, 2014 Last Updated 9:50 am

Aquafadas releases version 3.4 of its digital publishing platform

New version touts new page effects, more fluid navigation through Next Gen Reader

Users of the Aquafadas digital publishing platform were informed today that the latest version of the plug-in solution, version 3.4, is now available for download.


The company is touting the better, more fluid reading experience in version 3.4 thanks to its Next Gen Reader. The email received by contained the animated GIF seen above to demonstrate the difference between the old Reader and the new Next Gen Reader.

pushThe latest version also includes new page transition effects including new cross fade, move in and other effects (seen at right).

To test existing AVE-mad files with the new reader open opens up their file, clicks “Edit”, then select “Next Gen”. The company says you can switch from reader to the other to see the difference in app performance.

Other new features in Aquafadas 3.4 include a new Camera Caption feature, loops for slideshows, right to left navigation, and improvements to smart reading for ePUB.

Note: TNM’s Wednesday tech column is taking a few weeks off in July, but you can consider this little tidbit to be your tech news of the week.

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