July 14, 2014 Last Updated 7:44 am

News business prepares to shift from distraction of the World Cup

Tech journalists wait on tech earnings reports and new iPhone rumors, while news industry gears up for the mid-term elections

The World Cup ended Sunday and for the first time a European squad won when the event was held in the Americas. The sporting event proved a grand distraction but now it is over and reporters will have to return to their regular beats.

Here in the U.S. only those with decent vacation benefits get to take all of August off, so editors and publishers will have to return to work without being able to sneak out to watch a match. For the remainder of July the focus will likely be on earnings reports as the giant tech companies will face a tough challenge to keep their growth rates up. It all starts on Thursday with Google, with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft next week.

Then starts the silly season: iPhone and iPad rumors and politics.

This fall, after all, features mid-term elections as the GOP tries to take over the Senate. If that happens then who knows what craziness will ensue as already there are some Republicans begging the House to impeach the President. The day after the mid-terms the drive to the 2016 Presidential election unofficially begins as the candidates begin to go through the qualification process that is longer and more costly than that of even the World Cup (and which usually provides more excitement and highlights than your typical football match).

So if things seem a little slow this morning, with very little big news coming out of Silicon Valley – or Congress and the White House – we are just a few moments away from the beginning of a new news cycle. That makes today a great day to rest up for the fireworks to come.

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