July 14, 2014 Last Updated 9:57 am

Apple releases updates for Mountain Lion users including security update and new version of Safari and iTunes

Last week Apple released a bunch of updates for those Mac users on OS X Mavericks. Today it was Mountain Lion users, a dwindling group admittedly, to receive updates.

The updates include a security update labeled 2014-000 1.0, as well as version 6.1.5 of Safari and version 11.3 of iTunes.

Apple’s software, which before the promotion of Jony Ive to head of software, was pretty lean, has become more Microsoft-like – buggy and bloated. As a result, most owners of Macs more than a couple of years old are unable to update their computers to Mavericks, and those that do have complained of poor performance. Actually, it really isn’t Mavericks that is at fault, but the rest of Apple’s software. I find, for instance, that on my mini I can not run Mail and iTunes at the same time with the computer boggy down, something that does not happen on my newer MacBook Pro.

When will Apple release new Mac hardware? Goof question. Currently the Macrumors buyers guide shows “Don’t Buy” warnings for the Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro Retina because they are overdue for updates, plus there is a warning for iMacs for basically the same reason. Only the MacBook Air is listed as a “Buy Now” along with the Mac Pro which was just recently released in a new version. (Its been almost two years since Apple updated the Mac mini.)

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