July 10, 2014 Last Updated 12:50 pm

Apple releases iTunes 11.3 with new iTunes Extras for HD movies

Apple TV software update 6.2 adds support for iTunes Extras

With the release of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite coming up this fall, and with betas available, it is not surprising that Apple has needed to issue updates to some of its other software to make sure features work. Today Apple released an update to iTunes, bringing the software up to version 11.3.

iTunesupdate-featureThe update is available through the Mac App Store and will show up assuming you have OS X Mavericks installed – it did not show for me on a Mac running Mountain Lion.

The update is all about iTunes Extras, those short, behind-the-scenes videos and other features such as director commentaries that are regularly seen on purchased DVDs. The update brings these to the Mac version of iTunes, as well as the Apple TV once a owner of the device has updated the Apple TV software to version 6.2.

iTunes Extras will also be coming to iOS devices with the release of iOS 8 this fall.

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