July 9, 2014 Last Updated 4:08 pm

Forbes relaunches investment newsletters as part of its Forbes.com website

Previously, Forbes newsletters existed as a separate website

Press Release:

NEW YORK, NY – July 9, 2014 — Forbes Media announced today the relaunch of its 35 digital investing newsletters and premium content on the Forbes.com platform. Effective immediately, investing newsletters will be introduced on Forbes.com, integrated alongside other relevant investment-focused editorial content and promoted across the web site. The estimated 24 million unique monthly visitors to Forbes.com will be able to easily discover and subscribe to this premium content.

Previously, Forbes newsletters existed as a separate web site. Now, the newly redesigned newsletters and premium content will be integrated more seamlessly on Forbes.com and can be found at www.forbes.com/newsletters.

“Premium investing advice and ideas have always been a hallmark of Forbes Media,” said Nina La France, SVP, Consumer Marketing & Business Development at Forbes Media. “Now, we’ll be able to leverage the powerhouse platform on which Forbes.com is built and showcase our signature investing newsletters to more people who may be interested in this specialized information.”

Forbes’ investment newsletters offer premium news, commentary, analysis and actionable advice from leading experts in the field of finance and investing. These premium subscription services cover nearly every sector and investing style, from dividend and growth stock investing to fixed-income securities, exchange-traded funds, options and emerging technologies.

“The fact that we can now seamlessly offer premium content from investing experts on Forbes.com’s state-of-the-art digital platform is a huge benefit to our audience,” said Matt Schifrin, Managing Editor of Investing for Forbes Media and Editor of Forbes Newsletters. “From an interactivity and social standpoint, Forbes.com’s platform is truly transformative.”

Forbes has a rich history in investment newsletters. In the 1940s, Forbes magazine launched its Forbes Investors Advisory Institute and the original Forbes Investor Newsletter, which, in its current incarnation, is one of the most widely read among the Forbes portfolio. Some of Forbes’ most successful titles also include Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor. Several Forbes newsletter offerings are ranked highly by the Hulbert Financial Digest.

Subscribers to Forbes’ newsletters will continue to receive regular services, such as immediate email notification when new information is published. Subscription prices for the newsletters range from $99 to $800 annually. For a limited time, Forbes is offering all visitors to Forbes.com free unlimited access to its investing newsletters premium content.

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