June 27, 2014 Last Updated 3:11 pm

World Cup brings big ratings to ESPN, record users of the WatchESPN app; Google reveals biggest searches terms

The U.S. may have lost 1-0 to Germany yesterday, but the fact that the team advanced to the next round had to come as a huge relief to television executives hoping for a few more days like the past week when ratings soared. The Germany match pulled in a 6.7 rating for ESPN, second only to the U.S.-Portugal match which took place on a weekend.

WatchESPNiPad-JurgenBut the match was seen by a record 1.05 million viewers who used the Watch ESPN match to view the game live.

The U.S. plays again Tuesday afternoon, this time against Belgium in the so-called knock-out round (loser goes home).

Google also passed out a bit of information concerning how the World Cup is effecting it. Google claims over 1.2 billion searches regarding the World Cup.

The most searched player so far has been Ronaldo, though that might change following the Luis Suárez biting incident and banning. The most searched goal was Van Persie’s magnificent header, though Clint Dempsey’s early goal against Ghana made the top three.

The most searched match was England’s opener against Italy, with the US-Ghana match second – again, one would guess that this will quickly change now that the tournament has progressed.

The World Cup resumes tomorrow with the first two games in the knock-out phase: Brazil v. Chile and Columbia v. Uruguay. Those in Europe will be looking forward to Sunday’s matches: The Netherlands v. Mexico and Costa Rica v. Greece.

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