June 26, 2014 Last Updated 3:03 pm

Publishers rush to be first on new smartwatch publishing platform

Several book publishers look to place bestsellers on new smartwatches, hoping to boost book purchases among early adopters

The publishing industry looks set to dive into a new digital publishing platform with the introduction of several new smartwatch devices to be launched. A few book publishers said that they will soon release digital edition of bestsellers in hopes of attracting new readers.

“We believe there is a big future for books on smartwatches,” one publishing executive said, though wanting to remain anonymous. “We’ve test several big best sellers and have found that shorter works seem to work best, with massive volumes less attractive.”

smartwatches-magsThis executive was quite exciting, saying that tests with consumers showed that most readers did not mind the fact that the watch displays could only show one or two words at a time, forcing constant scrolling.

“We had hoped that the watches that allowed for head movements in order to assist scrolling would be better, but many readers ended up with concussions after only a few minutes of reading,” the publisher said.

Magazine publishers, too, do not want to be caught left behind. A few of the major magazine publishers will be releasing replica editions for the new smart watches in the coming months. With a display size of around 1.3 inches most smart watches present a challenge to some readers, especially the elder.

“We think the best combination is a smart watch and Google Glass. If you have both you have a fighting chance,” said one magazine editor.

Vendors are lining up to provide app solutions. Said one maker of apps “a PDF can be displayed anywhere.”

The soon to be released Sammsung smartwatch comes with a 1.63-inch display with a resolution of 320 pixels x 320 pixels. This will lead to many smartwatch editions having far smaller file sizes than those built for tablets. But with print edition pages will have to be reduced down in size to only 330 pixels wide. But one publisher said that despite the difficulty of reading the interior pages, “most readers buy the magazines for the pictures of the celebrities seen on the cover anyway.”

(Yes, this is satire, I think.)

  • Nick Martin 3 years ago

    Nice one 🙂

  • Madhok 3 years ago

    Experimentation is great! Will provide initial feedback. Why replica though? Perhaps, a better solution would be something developed native to Wear platform. I hope publishers realize that they run into the risk of negative user feedback on the app.