June 26, 2014 Last Updated 7:52 am

Magazine blogger launches book project centered on being a modern magazine pro in the UK

Profits from The Magazine Diaries will to go MagAid, a charity that has been set up to promote literacy in the UK

A new book project from Peter Houston, The Magazine Diaries, hopes to capture 100 diary entries, 100 words long**, on what it is like being a magazine professional today. Profits will go to MagAid, a charity that promotes literacy and the role of magazines in improving literacy in the U.K., organized by the Professional Publishers Association and the National Literacy Trust.

Described as “a little book,” The Magazine Diaries is already gathering contributions that can be seen on the project’s website. The latest one, for instance, from Chris Maillard, describes being in the magazine industry as like being in Berlin in 1945 (not a pretty picture).

Paul McNamee, editor at Big Issue, contributes a piece called “Start with a cover”:

“Make it mean something. Make it yours, for your readers, for your title, don’t care a sausage what the other fella’s done with his. Be tough, never say ‘that’ll do’, don’t be scared to start again if it’s not working. Give it hips.”

Houston, who publishes the Flipping Pages Blog, wants contributions from UK magazine professionals for the book project, but says he will accept contributions from magazines pros anywhere in the world where he can post them on the website.

Time to get writing magazine pros.

** 100 word works of fiction, little did I know before today, are known as drabbles –which by browser wants to change to “dribbles”. Auto-correct is a bad, bad thing.

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