June 24, 2014 Last Updated 10:34 am

Designer bloggers team up to launch new bi-annual print magazine, Fiera

Kickstarter campaign initiated in hopes of raising £14,000 for print project combining design blogger Katie Treggiden and magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie

The cost to publish a print magazine, even one with only a circulation of 1,000 is high enough that raising some capital is a very good idea, indeed. That is why the team of design blogger Katie Treggiden and magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie have initiated a new Kickstarter campaign in order to raise enough money to launch a new biannual magazine.

Fiera-mockupThe Kickstarter campaign for Fiera, a 160 page print magazine that hopes to publish each May and November, says the new print publication will be reader supported (at £20 per issue) and will feature new designers and cover design shows.

To fund the project, the publishers hope to raise £14,000 through Kickstarter and have three weeks left to make their goal.

The new magazine will not lack for talent as Katie Treggiden publishes the popular Confessions of a Design Geek blog, while Jeremy Leslie runs a design studio which also publishes the magCulture blog about magazine design. Leslie has also authored several books on the magazine business including last year’s The Modern Magazine: Visual Journalism in the Digital Era.

“As well as a great opportunity to work with Katie on an exciting new magazine, what attracted me to the project is she comes from a blogging background, and I liked the idea, the story, of two bloggers creating a print magazine together,” Leslie wrote on magCulture. “I’ve written before about digital publishers moving into print and this seemed the right project to have a go too. I’m also fascinated to see the Kickstarter fundraising process close up, and hope to learn something I can share about that.”

Assuming the project gets off the ground, and it looks as if at least one edition will be produced, one assumes you will be able to order the magazine online if outside the UK.

Obviously getting a project such as this started might be easier if done digital-only, but print is a beautiful thing, something just about every digital publisher I know believes very strongly (which might come as a surprise to print-centric publishers). The problem is economics, so a successful Kickstarter campaign will go a long way to insuring you can read the first, and future, issues of Fiera.

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