June 23, 2014 Last Updated 7:24 am

Portuguese added to The FIFA Weekly via an app update

The Newsstand app for The FIFA Weekly has been updated this weekend to add Portuguese to the tablet edition. The update came a day before the U.S.-Portugal match that almost saw Portugal eliminated from the tournament (as it is, they are on very much on thin ice).

FIFAWeekly-iPadOf course, Portugal is not the only country that speaks Portuguese. The host country of Brazil is a Portuguese speaking land, and I’m sure someone there was not happy about the organizing sports authority leaving out Portuguese from the digital publication in the first place.

The FIFA Weekly now is available in English, German, French, Spanish, as well as Portuguese, with readers able to change the language from within the Settings tab.

But as a weekly, the publication doesn’t really work during the World Cup, which features three to four games every single day during the group stage. What is needed, at least every four years for a month, is a daily publication (like a show daily).

The move to add Portuguese came just before Portugal played its second match which resulted in a last second draw against the U.S. – a result that no one was happy with, but probably hurts Portugal more. Now Portugal will have to beat Ghana in its Thursday match, and probably rack up the goals to see it through to the next round. The U.S., meanwhile, were seconds away from advancing to the knockout round when it gave the ball away in the midfield one last time. Now they will need a win or draw against Germany, or see Portugal beat Ghana in a close win, and the U.S. not get blown out. (This would result in the U.S. and Portugal tied in points, but the U.S. would go through on goal differential.)

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