June 23, 2014 Last Updated 8:17 am

Exact Edition updates many of its titles including Gramophone

Updates adds ‘Issue Stacks’ for easier browsing of archived issues

The digital publishing platform Exact Editions has been issuing app updates for their portfolio of magazine titles. The replica edition Newsstand app appear under the name of the vendor, rather than that of the publishers.

seo_cw_productThe updates add issue stacks to the iPhone versions of the apps, making browsing of back issues easier. The company has also added a little chime to signify when an issue download has been completed.

Among the apps updated were the UK classified music title Gramophone and the English edition of Le Monde diplomatique.

While the apps have added some features over the time Exact Edition has been offering app services, the actual replica editions have stayed pretty much the same – digital editions built off of PDFs of the print edition. Several readers who have written reviews have wondered why the platform is not offering text versions of articles to assist readers in managing to digital editions which usually are next to impossible to read thanks to microscopic fonts.

Although many observers think replica editions will eventually go away, to be replaced by native digital editions, the fact is that replicas still far outnumber native editions. But the trend within replica is to offer text versions of articles via links from the replica edition headlines. Zinio recently purchased Audience Media, a Catalonian company that offers this solution, and PressReader has been building a similar solution for newspapers for a while now.

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