June 23, 2014 Last Updated 5:24 pm

ESPN says its WatchESPN app attracted 490,000 viewers during Sunday’s U.S.-Portugal match

The Walt Disney Co. today could brag that its World Cup coverage yesterday during the US-Portugal game surpassed the previous high viewership for any match – reaching 18,200,000 viewers, more than the 17,975,000 that watch the final of the 1999 Women’s World Cup match between the US and China (which tells you something about the importance of that match), though that game reached more households.

WatchESPN-iPadThe company also said that nearly a half million viewers used the WatchESPN app to view the game (no statistics on how many through their iPads across the room following the last minute goal).

Excluding the NFL and college football (not soccer), the telecast on Sunday was the most watched program in ESPN history.

The WatchESPN app has been doing quite well, averaging 259,000 viewers across the 32 matches through Sunday, used a total of 4.5 million times so far.

Washington DC is leading all markets with a 13.3 rating Sunday for the US-Portugal match, with Columbus, New York, Boston, Hartford/New Haven, Providence and Atlanta the leading markets.

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