June 20, 2014 Last Updated 9:29 am

Quartz survey reports that 37% of business executives have paid for digital news subscriptions

The latest bit of digital media research from Quartz reinforces the notion that the best target for digital news subscriptions (paywalls) is mostly those that can afford to pay for them and see a financial benefit from the news: business executives.

In the rush to reinforce their beliefs that paywalls are the way to go, many media reporters have pointed to publications such as the WSJ and the Financial Times to show that paywalls can work. Yet those two newspapers actually have opposite strategies: one relying on web apps, the other willing to launch apps into all the major app stores. Yet they have one thing in common: they are financial newspapers, read by business executives.

Quartz says that 47 percent of finance executives they surveyed pay of digital news versus 37 percent of all business executives.

These are good numbers to keep in mind when a B2B publisher decides to go digital-only and possibly raise a paywall. If these numbers were to hold true, it would show that about a third of their potential readers might sign up, and possibly a higher percentage if the industry they serve is in the financial sphere.

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