June 19, 2014 Last Updated 1:30 pm

Canadian luxury lifestyle magazine, Lifestyler, launches digital editions across platforms

Magazine brand with four regional editions, launches only one digital edition into the Apple Newsstand, Google Play and Amazon.com app stores

The Canadian luxury lifestyle magazine Lifestyler has launched digital editions into the major digital newsstands. Published as regional editions for Ontario, Alberta and Prairies, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, the new digital edition comes in only one flavor.

Lifestyler-coverThere app uses the Mag+ platform to create a hybrid edition where the advertising is as seen in print and editorial pages are reformatted. Because there is only one edition, the advertising is a hodge lodge of local ads from all across Canada.

Also, the digital edition must be using high resolution graphic files to produce the replica pages because on my somewhat older iPad the pages loaded very slowly (I’m sure they would have loaded quicker on my new iPad mini due to its faster chip).

The digital edition is not particularly well done, which is a surprising thing to have to say. All the Mag+ apps I’ve seen in the past have been pretty good, providing readers with a good reading experience. But it appears that the designers at Lifestyler were too inexperienced to produce a good looking digital edition. Some pages appear to have simply been cut and paste jobs, such as the staff box which looks like someone just took the small portion of the print page that the original took up and pasted it into a new tablet page.

Lifestyler-staffThe designer would have been smart to stick to one orientation. Two-page spreads are not modified and so look silly in portrait, while ads that are clearly taken from the print edition are cut off, with huge black bars along both sides.

Sometimes, when a magazine is distributed free of charge, the temptation is to not spend the time necessary to design an attractive digital edition. That may be the case here, as the feeling is that this particular digital edition was slapped together in a hurry.

The good news, of course, is that now that their digital edition has been launched, they can learn each time a new edition is produced – which in this case is every two months. One bets that a year from now the digital editions will be far more attractive, with less images cut off, and with few obvious examples of cut and paste.

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