June 19, 2014 Last Updated 7:56 am

App updates: Platforms update their previewer apps, minor updates for Google’s Chrome, Facebook Messenger and Netflix

Adobe and Aquafadas update their previewer apps, while yesterday’s Adobe event ran head long into the World Cup, but managed to preview many important new software features of use to publications

Following the launch of v31 of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite last week one expected that the Adobe Content Viewer would soon be updated, as well. After all, the two go hand-in-hand, the Viewer app being used to preview digital publications built with the publishing platform.

But no update came and I started to wonder if someone was playing a trick on me… but today it finally was released.

AdobePen-LineV31 of DPS comes with a large number of new features and improvements, as well as the introduction of Papergarden, the new digital newsstand that will appear as an app on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S when it is released. The new digital newsstand hasn’t gotten much press, probably because you have to use DPS to get your publication inside it, and because it is limited to an as yet unreleased tablet. But it does mean that either Adobe or Samsung, or both, want to see more interactive magazines on the Android platform. (For a rundown on both V31 and Papergarden see this post.)

Yesterday, Adobe also held an event to demonstrate the new features contained in its large number of app updates and mobile app introductions. The event was probably not very well timed, occurring in the middle of a rather exciting World Cup match, and it was completely technical and at times rather boring if you were not interested in that particular piece of software being demoed. But just about everyone uses some Adobe software in their publishing efforts and many of the new features are going to be quite useful, to say the least. Long term, despite not getting that much press, the event may prove far more important to publishing people than the more publicized Amazon event that began a half hour later. (See post on the event here.)

Aquafadas-Viewer-iPadAquafadas also updated its previewer app called Aquafadas Viewer for iOS. The update was not to align it with a new version but to fix a bug.

TNM recently looked at an excellent new app that uses the Aquafadas platform: VAN – Magazin für klassische Musikkultur is a new German tablet-only classical music magazine that showcases the digital publishing platform very well. You can read that post here.

Google, Facebook and Netflix also updated their iOS apps for bug fixes. Google updated its Chrome browser app, Facebook its Facebook Messenger app, and Netflix updated their app for faster start-up for video playback.

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