June 18, 2014 Last Updated 9:25 am

Amazon event at 1:30pm ET today

Event widely expected to introduce an Amazon smartphone, most likely with 3D display capabilities

Someone in marketing at Amazon was smart enough to know that you can’t fight the World Cup, and so their much anticipated new product launch event is scheduled for 1:30pm ET, just after the match between The Netherlands and Australia ends.

Most tech reporters seem to think that Amazon will unveil a new smartphone, and the WSJ said they expect that it will be an exclusive to AT&T.

But I can think of few new product events that would have been more interesting as a press conference. As a press conference reporters would have a chance to ask Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about those contract negotiations with Hachette Book Group. Then again, what are the chances a tech reporter might ask a tough question?

What to expect: Amazon generally has announced products with advanced pre-order times. With Apple not set to announce a new iPhone until mid-September, Amazon has the calendar all to themselves. Word is that the display will be 3D, a gimmick that may excite some, but anybody who owns a 3D TV knows what a worthless feature that is without interesting content and every day uses.

If the smartphone has all the features rumored then one can expect it to be a product priced at the same level as other full featured smartphones.

The real surprise wouldn’t involve features so much as data, that pricey part of owning a smartphone. We’ll be eager to see if Jeff Bezos has anything up his sleeve in this regard, or whether Amazon is simply joining Apple and Google as platform owners who are also builders of mobile devices.

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