June 17, 2014 Last Updated 12:54 pm

Subscription eBook service Oyster launches first app for Android devices

New Android app makes eBook service available to owners of Android, NOOK HD and Kindle Fire device owners, as well as Apple iOS devices

The eBook subscription service Oyster today launched its first app for Android devices inside the Google Play store.

Android-Oyster-1“Oyster for Android is designed from the ground up, and showcases a beautiful and immersive experience that adapts to Android’s many screen sizes,” the company said. “We love that moving to Android has allowed us the ability to add some unique features not possible on Oyster before. You can use the volume buttons to turn the page forward or back (lefties of the world rejoice, and one handed reading for all).”

Oyster’s service has been called the Netflix of the eBook market, charging customers $9.99 per month for unlimited access to its half-million books. An Android app has been one of its most requested features.

Oyster currently only offers eBooks, but it is not beyond imagining that they might consider adding a magazine option to their offerings. Next Issue, which offers a subscription service for magazines, is limited to 135 titles – which sounds like a good number until you remember that there are over 10,000 apps inside the Apple Newsstand.

Several digital newsstand services, such as Magzter, have started to creep into the book sphere, so turnabout may be fair play.

Update: this afternoon an update to Oyster’s iOS app was also released”

What’s New in Version 1.6
Now that our library has over half a million titles, we’re bringing you even better ways to pick the right book. This update includes some big design improvements including a brand new book detail page, updates to our reader, and a new reader theme named Wythe.

◇ Features ◇
· New book detail view includes a beautiful redesign with a dynamic complementary color system, and many more related titles and recommended sets on every page.
· Editor’s notes for our top titles written by our editorial team.
· New “read time” feature lets you know approximately how long it will take to read a book before you start it. It’s kind of like magic… actually it’s just math.
· All of our reader themes have gotten a nice facelift with new typography, a refreshed color palette, and small refinements throughout.
· Introducing Wythe: a new high contrast reader theme featuring a news-text font that’s well-suited for outdoor (especially beach) reading.
· All reader themes are now available in night mode.

◇ Other Updates ◇
· Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

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