June 16, 2014 Last Updated 2:13 pm

FIFA’s The Weekly newspaper comes to the Apple Newsstand

iPad app offers replica edition of the print newspaper, but with links to native tablet layouts of the articles found inside

The World Cup enters its second week and many mobile device owners have discovered the FIFA Official apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. But for those interested in a reading experience, an app that has gotten less attention was also released by the football organization.

The FIFA Weekly is an Apple Newsstand app that offers the weekly print newspaper as a digital edition for the iPad. And it is free (if FIFA keeps giving away things they might start to improve their reputation!).

The app looks like a plain old replica edition, but is instead very much like other newspaper apps that are offering a replica of their print edition, but with embedded links that bring up native tablet layouts.

The result is that the articles are much easier to read that what a regular replica edition could offer.

Buried inside the settings is an option to change the language of the newspaper, with German, French, Spanish and Portuguese offered, in addition to English.

These types of replica to native tablet article editions will become the norm among daily and weekly newspapers that use platforms such as PressReader to create their apps. While there is a lot to say for totally native digital editions, it is not always possible or economical to move completely away from a replica model when the print edition is still the priority and where the production cycle is tight.

If the worst thing that can be said about a replica is that they are unreadable, then this solution (see the gallery below) solves that problem admirably.

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