June 11, 2014 Last Updated 3:21 pm

Everyone appears to be on the World Cup bandwagon as app updates mention event even when they are just bug fixes

Google, Twitter and others mention big sporting event in app updates, while FIFA issues last minute update for its iPad app

The World Cup starts tomorrow, you know that right? If you don’t, then I actually envy you. You can go about your life without worrying whether England can beat Italy, or whether the Ghana curse will continue for the US.


World Cup update from LesEchos

But if you have an app, releasing an app update that mentions the sporting event is all the rage.

Google did it with their Google Search app update. I guess you couldn’t search for “World Cup” before, but now you can.

But being a US company, Google made the rather embarrassing mistake of saying their update is “getting ready for the Soccer World Cup…” Oh my, the Soccer World Cup?

Google didn’t mention the World Cup in its YouTube app update, no doubt because FIFA has such a stranglehold on the broadcasting of the event that they don’t want to encourage video uploads of game highlights – not that they can stop them completely anyways.

FIFAiPad-screedTwitter owned Vine updated its app today, as well. It mentions “World Cup surprises” in its app description, but who knows what they really means.

Speaking of FIFA: it released another update for its FIFA for iPad app. The update comes less than a week since it issued the big version 2.0 update. This one, version 2.1 sort of turns everything on in preparation for tomorrow’s first game.

As for that first game, one must feel a little sorry for Croatia for having to face the hosts in the first game of the tournament. But it faces Mexico and Cameroon so maybe it can escape its group. Far worse it the group the US is in. It opens with Ghana, a team it seemingly can not beat, and then things get worse with Portugal and Germany next. ESPN is hoping for a miracle. A big one.

  • COYY 4 years ago

    The U.K. is not playing Italy. England is.
    Members of the U.K. have separate national teams.

    • D.B. Hebbard 4 years ago

      Wow, you’re absolutely right – dumb error on my part (the kind an American might be expected to make). I’m sure some would be angered by that (corrected now, of course to read “England”).